Current Series

Numbers: Preparation & Promise

It’s more than numbers! Despite the dizzying count of people throughout the opening chapters of this book, Numbers teaches us an even greater lesson:  Everything holds great value to God!

The Christian and Mental Health | Dr. Charles Morgan

Mental Health is often misunderstood within the Christian community. Dr. Charles Morgan seeks to demystify some common misconceptions on the issue and educate listeners on how to spot, support, and stand with those of us who face mental health issues. This is a special 2 part series. 

Cultivate: Who We Are

Over the next few weeks, we are going to take each key value and appreciate how they best move us towards the cultivation of ministry fruitfulness. We will examine how we can cultivate these naturally deep and special values and begin to act with purpose and intentionally around who we are, who we have been, and who we want to continue to be:  A people that value God’s Word and worship; a people that value investing in the leaders of tomorrow; a people that value community and shared growth; and a people that value God’s heart for the lost.

The values we will examine are:

1) Bible & Worship

2) Children & Youth

3) Hospitality & Fellowship

4) Missions & Outreach

Be Still

Jon Byron is a popular conference & church speaker and a musician who is able to combine gentle humor, strong Biblical content and practical application into challenging messages. As a singer/songwriter, Jon has been involved in contemporary Christian music since the early 70’s. His songs continue to reflect the depth and seasoning of his many years of walking with Jesus Christ.

Psalms: Goodness and Mercy

The timeless words of Psalm 23 speak to our hearts with comfort, reassurance, promise, and hope.  The imagery of God as our shepherd soothes our anxious, longing hearts with the knowledge that He is not only with us, but He is leading us, protecting us, and providing for all of our needs.  What a great joy within the journey of life to know that we belong to Him.

Holy Week 2021

Holy Week leads us to reflect on the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross, and then His promises of new life, in a new kingdom, full of new hope becoming instantaneously permanent through the empty cross and tomb. The fact that each of these is empty assures us that God’s promises are not!


As we make the transition from Advent season to the New Year, there are choices each of us can make. Will you choose to follow Jesus? Will you elevate Jesus' name instead of your own?  The choices you today make will shape your life for eternity.


Anticipation can fill us with a sense of excitement and wonder, but it can also fill us with a sense of worry and curiosity. Either way, these emotions are directly related to the fact that something big is about to happen! The Bible is full of anticipation: Abraham’s Covenant - Israel’s Exodus - David’s Kingdom - Temple Dedications – Promised Messiah. Jesus is at the center of it all. This Advent we will be discovering the anticipation of Jesus revealed to us as a Prophet, Priest, and King.

Roaring Lamb - A Study of Revelation

The opening verses of Revelation tell us everything we need to know about the power and importance of this book:  ”The Revelation of Jesus Christ...Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near.”  As Christians, we wait in eager anticipation for the promised day that Jesus will return.  No matter what conclusions we may draw about the meaning and timing of this Revelation, one thing is majestically clear:  Jesus is the roaring Lamb who triumphs in the end!

Fall Kick Off Sunday 2020

On Sunday, September 13 we held an outdoor service to kick off our Fall Ministry year with worship, a short message, and witnessed individuals proclaiming their faith publicly through baptism. 

Find our latest Sunday Services under the Good News People sermon series.

Good News People: A Study of Ephesians

It’s a big world, full of so many different hills and valleys, twists and turns. Such complexities and challenges can quickly remind us that we are fragile people. Our efforts to self-comfort, and self-protect, quickly run out as soon as the stock market tumbles or the toilet paper runs out. Life brings great uncertainty, but Christ brings great assurance! As people called to be united together in Christ, we have been set a part as something different – we are called to be Good News People in a troubled world. Let’s live with such undaunted faith and joy!

Transform Tomorrow Today

It is a bold and exciting adventure anytime we accept the call to trust God completely…for everything! It’s bold because our natural preference is to handle our own affairs, and it’s exciting because we are often surprised by what He reveals to us. Transform Tomorrow Today is a special four-week series designed to call us to bold and exciting things! God has a special plan for our church, and each of us will come to discover His transformational power as we learn to trust Him completely.

20/20 for 2020

Looking ahead to 2020 we focus on how our vision can be focused on the work God is doing in our lives both in the world around us and beyond.