Current Series

Roaring Lamb - A Study of Revelation

The opening verses of Revelation tell us everything we need to know about the power and importance of this book:  ”The Revelation of Jesus Christ...Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near.”  As Christians, we wait in eager anticipation for the promised day that Jesus will return.  No matter what conclusions we may draw about the meaning and timing of this Revelation, one thing is majestically clear:  Jesus is the roaring Lamb who triumphs in the end!

Good News People: A Study of Ephesians

It’s a big world, full of so many different hills and valleys, twists and turns. Such complexities and challenges can quickly remind us that we are fragile people. Our efforts to self-comfort, and self-protect, quickly run out as soon as the stock market tumbles or the toilet paper runs out. Life brings great uncertainty, but Christ brings great assurance! As people called to be united together in Christ, we have been set a part as something different – we are called to be Good News People in a troubled world. Let’s live with such undaunted faith and joy!

Transform Tomorrow Today

It is a bold and exciting adventure anytime we accept the call to trust God completely…for everything! It’s bold because our natural preference is to handle our own affairs, and it’s exciting because we are often surprised by what He reveals to us. Transform Tomorrow Today is a special four-week series designed to call us to bold and exciting things! God has a special plan for our church, and each of us will come to discover His transformational power as we learn to trust Him completely.

20/20 for 2020

Looking ahead to 2020 we focus on how our vision can be focused on the work God is doing in our lives both in the world around us and beyond.

Adore Him

Adoration is the convergence of both love and respect.  It’s entirely possible to love something, but have zero respect; like we would for an item or object.  And, it’s entirely possible to have respect, yet feel zero love; like we would for an individual where there is no relationship.  However, Jesus is rightly an object of our affection, and a person deserving our full respect.  He has lavished us with his perfect love while ruling as Creator of heaven and earth…   “O come, let us adore Him!”

The Mattering Things of Life

Things matter.  We may have different opinions about what matters most in our life, but in the economy of God’s kingdom, one thing seems to matter most – our faith.  “Without faith, it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6).  Our faith, the apostle Peter writes, “…may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 1:8)  What could possibly matter more than that?!  These two sermons will focus on the final stage of Paul’s remarkable life and calling.  We will learn that within all of his accomplishments, what mattered most to Paul was his lasting faithfulness to the Lord.”

Lessons from the Life of David

David is referred to in Scripture as “a man after God's own heart.” He was the greatest king of Israel and a man of legendary faith. Although best known for his multitude of praise songs and military victories, David also made plenty of  mistakes. Join us for this three-week series as we trace the ups and downs of David's life and learn from his steadfast trust in God through it all.

Behold! Your God - Gospel of John Sermon Series

Behold! Jesus is the Lamb of God; the Word made flesh; the Living Water; the Resurrection and the Life; quite simply, Jesus is God. John's Gospel account was written, "So that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name." (John 20:31) To prove this, John centers His gospel account on seven major miracles done by Jesus. Every miracle and story John reports nudges readers closer to seeing Jesus for who He really is...Behold our God!

The Wonder of Christmas

It can be so easy to take for granted the “wonder” of Christmas.  With decorations going up in October, and Christmas movies being played in the summer, we just expect this “jolly” tradition to be a part of our lives.  But have we lost the “wonder” of Christmas?  Have we too easily forgotten what makes this particular holiday so special?  This Advent series will equip us to better explain the true meaning of Christmas, and to understand the real reason behind the season. 

Ezra & Nehemiah

Israel’s status as the people of God had been all but destroyed.  1,000 years of identity had been turned to rubble and ruin. As a people in exile, God will once again fulfill His promises. Ezra and Nehemiah tell the story of a people revived and restored. A priest (Ezra) and a governor (Nehemiah) were used by God to restore a foundation that would once again prioritize the Word of God and the practice of prayer – commitments that are just as vital for the renewal of the church today.

Colossians: Complete in Christ

God’s plan of salvation, and all of human history, culminate in the person and work of Jesus Christ. In Colossians, the Apostle Paul presents Christ as the center of the universe, not only as the active Creator, but also as the recipient of creation as he takes on human flesh. This powerful series will take us verse-by-verse through a book that compels us to become Complete in Christ!