Adult Sunday School Classes

Our Sunday School class hour will resume on September 11.

During the school year, adults at GracePoint can choose from a wide variety of Sunday morning classes. Most of these groups have members of a similar age and life stage; however, any adult can attend any community regardless of age. Whether you are new to GracePoint or you've been around for a while and are ready for a new challenge, please feel free to read through the class descriptions below and visit several classes before landing on the one that seems right for you.

CAYAC — Conference Room (Room 206)

College And Young Adult Community

Primary attendees: College-age Young adults

Class Leaders: Pastor Jared Carlson & Gracie Olson

Fellowship, study and discuss with other college-age young adults. We’ll study various Biblical/theological topics and discuss how they apply to our daily lives.

Free Shuttle Schedule for College Students – 2 shuttle runs per Sunday:

Northwestern (Robertson Center):

9:15 am — for CAYAC Group

10:30 am — for Worship

Leaves for return to campus 15 minutes after the end of the service.

Bethel (CLC Circle):

9:25 am– for CAYAC Group

10:40 am– for Worship

Leaves for return to campus 15 minutes after the end of the service.

32-Below — Fellowship Hall (Room 110)

Primary attendees:  Age 22-32 (approx.)

Class Leader: Andrew & Rachel Mellick

We are launching a new study for the winter/spring. There will be energizing study and discussion on the profound and inspiring, yet sometimes confusing, New Testament book of James.

Pulse — Fellowship Hall (Room 109/111)

Primary attendees: 30s and 40s (all adults welcome!)

Class Leaders: Ryan Mick & John Wentz

The wonderful New Testament book of Galatians is the continued focus for the winter/spring. Pulse provides a terrific mix of teaching and discussion around tables, which has the side benefit of helping you get to know others at GracePoint.

Achievers — Room 208 (Gym Alcove - west end)

Primary attendees:  Senior Adults (all adults welcome!)

Fall Teacher: Dr. Randy Nelson

Randy Nelson, Chair of Biblical and Theological Studies at Northwestern, will be back teaching on the topic Suffering in the Life of Faith. Randy will explore the Biblical theme of suffering: what it is, what we do about it, how God is at work in it, and how God uses us when others suffer.

Journey — Room 210 (Gym Alcove - east end)

Primary attendees:  Multi-generational (all adults welcome!)

Class Leader: Ted Jacobson

We hear a lot of sermons but don’t often get to ask questions and discuss them. The Journey Class provides a terrific sermon-based study and discussion. They will study and discuss the insightful book of Hebrews since that is Pastor Jared’s focus for the winter/spring.

Substance — Room 132-133 (east end of first floor)

Primary attendees: Multi-generational (all adults welcome!)

Class Leaders: Ron Carey & Randy Johnson

The highly acclaimed tv series The Chosen, a Biblically-based cinematic depiction about the life and teachings of Christ, will be viewed and discussed. If you haven’t had access or time to view The Chosen, this will be a great opportunity to do so.

GracePoint Women

A variety of activities are offered to develop servant leaders through teaching, companionship and mentorship, encouragement, prayer, and outreach with the goal of helping all women to become complete in Christ.

In addition to the bi-weekly Bible studies that meet during the school year, our ladies all look forward to various retreats and events held throughout the year. Check out our current events and Bible studies below.

Women's Events and Bible Studies

PointMen of GracePoint

PointMen of GracePoint provides opportunities for men to gather for study, prayer, open discussion, fun, and service projects. Our ultimate goal aligns with that of GracePoint Church,

Questions? Contact Pastor Steve Young (; 651-478-7644)