Adult Sunday School Classes

During the school year, adults at GracePoint participate in spiritually enriching Sunday School classes. These are the classes available this fall at GracePoint:

Gym Alcove – Randy Nelson

Christian Apologetics

Throughout the history of the church, there have been intellectual challenges to Christian theism. Believers have responded to these challenges in the hope of removing obstacles to Christian faith. Here are the types of questions that are often raised:
Can we prove that God exists?
Do faith and reason conflict?
Does science prove the non-existence of God?
Are the gospels reliable?
Is Jesus’ resurrection from the dead a historical fact?
Are all religions the same?
What happens to those who never hear the gospel?

If you would like to be able to engage these challenges, perhaps for the purpose of evangelism, please join us for an insightful conversation.

Room 132/133 – Randy Johnson & Ron Carey

One Nation Under God?

This video-based class will begin the year by utilizing video teaching from Christian historian, David Barton. David and his organization, Wallbuilders, possess one of the largest collections of writings from the beginnings of our nation. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the Judeo-Christian heritage of our nation’s founding and explore how you can respond to an increasingly secular culture.

Fellowship Hall – Steve Young & Steve Porter

Identity Exchange

This is a highly interactive, discussion-based class with important content that will give you greater confidence in your faith journey, deeper intimacy with Jesus and greater empowerment to make an impact in God’s Kingdom. Our spiritual lives are negatively affected by the false or skewed identity that creeps into our lives, subtly nudging out the true identity that Christ so graciously and powerfully wants to form in us. Connect meaningfully with others in this class and grow deeply in your journey with Jesus.

GracePoint Women

A variety of activities are offered to develop servant leaders through teaching, companionship and mentorship, encouragement, prayer, and outreach with the goal of helping all women to become complete in Christ.

In addition to the weekly and bi-weekly Bible studies that meet during the school year, our ladies all look forward to various retreats and events held throughout the year. Check out our current events and Bible studies below.

PointMen of GracePoint

PointMen of GracePoint provides opportunities for men to gather for study, prayer, open discussion, fun, and service projects. Our ultimate goal aligns with that of GracePoint Church, to transform from within for the glory of God.

Young at Heart (65+)

Our 65+ groups holds quarterly lunches. These lunches are a great chance to fellowship and to meet new people. The lunch is usually followed by a short devotional or testimony from someone at GracePoint. Watch below for upcoming lunches and fellowship opportunities.