Our Worship

Our Worship

At GracePoint, our services are designed around the concept of speaking to God and hearing from God. Our first purpose in worship is to see God and to adore Him in His sovereign majesty. Our second purpose is to hear from Him through His Word and His Spirit. Finally, we hope to send worshippers out to live their weeks in the power of a changed life.

We believe that worship is an every day kind of experience. No, not everyday as in mundane, but every day as in never ending awe and amazement. Our goal is to find ways to live our entire life as an act of worship to God. Worship is about building a relationship with Him, and it involves all aspects of our walk, including being in the Word and in prayer.

With that said, the truth is, any time someone utters the word worship when it comes to a church it usually means they are asking about the music, or at least what a weekend experience is like. After all, sometimes coming together corporately to worship can be some of the most meaningful times that we come in contact with God. So how do we do that at GracePoint?

Traditional Worship

The Traditional Service seeks to guide the worshiper through an expression of musical praise and preparation of our hearts as we engage in worship as a community. Participants can expect to be engaged and led by congregational song, special music, congregational prayer, scripture, responsive reading, and biblical preaching. We are musically led by piano, organ, and a variety of vocal and instrumental solos and ensembles.

Modern Worship

The modern worship service uses a style of music that incorporates a full band, including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, drums and more. Our times of worship include prayer, scripture reading, worship through giving and biblical preaching. We seek to support an environment where believers worship freely and in Spirit and Truth.

Get Involved

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