Current Series

Roaring Lamb - A Study of Revelation

The opening verses of Revelation tell us everything we need to know about the power and importance of this book:  ”The Revelation of Jesus Christ...Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near.”  As Christians, we wait in eager anticipation for the promised day that Jesus will return.  No matter what conclusions we may draw about the meaning and timing of this Revelation, one thing is majestically clear:  Jesus is the roaring Lamb who triumphs in the end!

Ezra & Nehemiah

Israel’s status as the people of God had been all but destroyed.  1,000 years of identity had been turned to rubble and ruin. As a people in exile, God will once again fulfill His promises. Ezra and Nehemiah tell the story of a people revived and restored. A priest (Ezra) and a governor (Nehemiah) were used by God to restore a foundation that would once again prioritize the Word of God and the practice of prayer – commitments that are just as vital for the renewal of the church today.

Colossians: Complete in Christ

God’s plan of salvation, and all of human history, culminate in the person and work of Jesus Christ. In Colossians, the Apostle Paul presents Christ as the center of the universe, not only as the active Creator, but also as the recipient of creation as he takes on human flesh. This powerful series will take us verse-by-verse through a book that compels us to become Complete in Christ!

Redeeming Work

Compelled by God’s mission, we carry Christ with us wherever we go. Following Jesus isn’t limited to Sunday morning—spirituality and work aren’t separated. All of life qualifies as spiritual as we carry the truth of Christ into the workplace. We are Jesus’s ambassadors at work—in the conference room, around the water cooler, or at the lunch table. We represent Him as lights in the darkness of the marketplace. Everything we do at work should be done in the name of Jesus, motivated out of adoration for Jesus, and presented with the love of Jesus. Let’s explore how to redeem our work together.

The Family Tree

The story of Jesus is always remarkable! What we can easily forget is that this remarkable story begins with His FAMILY tree. If you think your family tree is interesting, than join us for this exciting Advent series where we will learn a little more about Jesus' family tree. Beginning with Rahab and ending with Mary, God used some unremarkable people to bring about a remarkable gift of salvation!

Jude - Contending for the faith

To contend for something means we "put ourselves forward" or "nominate ourselves" to fight for something worthy and honorable.  Jude encourages the believing, confessing Chruch, to fight for the Name of Jesus against an audience of mockers who seek to challenge and deny the Lord, Jesus Christ.  This three-week servies will teach us WHY we contend; whom we contend AGAINST; and whom we contend FOR!


Jonah is a powerful book because it has the capacity to reveal some very powerful truths to us; namely, that God is awesome and holy and we are in desperate need of a Savior.  Although this book is embedded in Israel's past, the story of Jonah is one that resonates with all of our hearts today.  God (through Jesus) has called us into something extraordinary, the question for all of us is, will we be faithful to follow?

The Psalms

Our series in the Psalms will remind us that worship can, and should exist, within every arena of life.  We have been created for the purpose of giving God glory.  Sometimes it can be hard to "life ourvoices in worship" when our daily routines of work and personal emotions can be so complex.  Thankfully the Psalms are a reflection of real life - sometimes things don't go the way we plan,  but sometimes it's in the  most difficult of places that the most beautiful worship exists.


Daniel was an incredible man of faith who lived his life inside an entirely different culture.  Without the conveniences of home, and without the conveniences of others sharing the same conviction, Daniel was resolute in the his faith to God; he was counter-cultural.  This 13-week study will inspire each of us to live with a similar kind of revolutionary faith.