Facility Vision Project

Fundraising for the Facility Project has been suspended until further notice.

This is an exciting and crucial time for GracePoint Church as we work together as a body of believers to expand our reach with the gospel. We have prayerfully created a Master Plan for our building project outlining upgrades to our site and facilities. 

Phase 1: Transformed Sanctuary and Debt Elimination
Phase 2: Safe and Adequate Education Spaces
Phase 3: Strengthened Hospitality

God is calling us to believe him and seize this opportunity to have a lasing impact on future generations. Transform Tomorrow Today is not just a slogan; it's our vision. Let's answer his call and use our resources for the good of this church and the glory of God to reach beyond our walls.

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Building on Legacy

GracePoint Church has been built on a rich foundation. It was faithful prayers that gave Elim Baptist a vision to plant a new church in New Brighton; it was the faithful generosity of the Dudrey's to share their land; and it was the faithful commitment of 23 charter members to incorporate as Salem Baptist Church (January 24, 1963).

From an open field, to the Carlson's living room, to Pike Lake Elementary, to the first church building holding 160 people, a faithful legacy was established. Since 1972, there have been two expansions which includes the purchase of two additional properties. Our vision is to continue with this legacy by "Reaching Out While Transforming Within for the Glory of God."

Making the Most of Opportunity

Our church is in an ideal location to reach our surrounding communities with the message of hope found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

  • We sit just north of the crossroads of highways 35W and 694
  • We are only 5 minutes from Bethel University and the University of Northwestern
  • We are only 15 minutes from both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul
  • We are located in one of the top school districts in Minnesota

The demographics of our community are changing rapidly. Sixty-five is the current average age of residents living within New Brighton. As these residents relocate to downsize, young families are pouring into our community. We value, and have invested into, our children's and youth programs. This investment equips us to minister to the growing number of young families in our community.

GracePoint is a multi-generational church that loves to exalt the name of Jesus, proclaim the gospel, edify the saints, defend the faith and engage beyond our walls. This church culture proclaims God's Word and encourages us to grow in faith together.

Our size is large enough that ministry can exist in many different forms, yet we are small enough that relationship can truly be caring, authentic and engaging.

building project master planVision!

We have prayerfully created a Master Plan for our site and facilities. We believe effective outreach and discipleship can be complicated by facilities that are not accessible, welcoming, hospitable, or adequate for these tasks and limit our ability to be a God-centered resource for the community that surrounds us. With our vision we can build into the next generation the hope of knowing Jesus. We can begin to form our own legacy as a community of believers by Transforming Tomorrow Today.


We want to make an impression that will influence someone for Jesus - and last for all eternity. 

  • In Phase 1, we will create a Transformed Sanctuary - a place that is beautiful, attractive and sacred. Sunday morning is the central time to gather as a church. As a result, we desire to have maximum Sunday impact by creating a space that is accessible, appealing, and conducive to all people. An additional goal in Phase 1 is to eliminate the church's current debt of approximately $360k (as of February 2020).
  • In Phase 2, we want to continue to invest in our children and youth by providing safe and adequate educational spaces.
  • In Phase 3, our south entry will be renovated to reflect the gospel through our improved hospitable space. 

to accomplish our vision,
it will cost:

Phase 1: $1.98M
(includes debt elimination)
Phase 2: $1.5M
Phase 3: $3M
Total: $6.5M

(All phase costs are estimates as of January 2020)



ways you can give

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frequently asked questions

What has the generosity committee been up to? When will we fill out pledge cards?

Several dates are scheduled for a mark-your-calendar

  • February 23, 2020, Campaign Launch Event 4:30-8:30, Bunker Hills Event Center.
  • POSTPONED: March 8, 15 & 22, 2020: Q&A Sessions. 
    • March 8 | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. * Conference Room
    • March 15 | 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. * Fellowship Hall | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. * Conference Room
    • March 22 | 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. * Fellowship Hall
  • March 10, 2020, Day of prayer vigils, culminating that evening at 7pm in a corporate Concert of Prayer.
  • POSTPONED: March 29, 2020, Commitment Sunday, Single service in the sanctuary (yes, one service with the whole church) followed by brunch in the gym. This is the day you can turn in your Commitment Card indicating what you are willing to give during the 3-year commitment period. It is also the day “first fruit” offerings will be taken. If you miss church on March 29, you may feel free to submit your Commitment Card and any “first fruit” offering during the month of April.
  • April 26, 2020, Celebration Sunday, along with the annual meeting and vote on council motion on architectural fees and potentially construction.
How can I get specific questions answered?
  • Complete and submit the form at the bottom of this web page. A project leader will get back to you shortly.
  • POSTPONED: Attend one of the Q&A Sessions: 
    • March 8 | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. * Conference Room
    • March 15 | 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. * Fellowship Hall | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. * Conference Room
    • March 22 | 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. * Fellowship Hall
When will we know how much has been pledged?

The big drum roll will be April 26, Celebration Sunday.

If the full dollar amount for Phase 1 is not pledged, what will we do? Will we take out a loan to finish the phase? Will we do less than the full pictured construction project?

Council will bring a motion for construction details based on the results of the pledge drive plus first fruits collections of those pledges. The plan is to tailor Phase 1 to fit the received pledges. So, for example, here are 4 possible scenarios showing how the size of the project will change with the 

  • Scenario #1. Total Estimated Phase 1 Project Costs of $1.98 Million Includes: Phase 1 Sanctuary Transformation & New Lobby, Gymnasium Audio, Video, & Lighting Upgrades, South Bathroom Renovation, and South Entry Doors & Canopy, Additional Parking, and Existing Loan Payoff.
  • Scenario #2. High Generosity Consultant Estimate of $1.8 Million Includes: Phase 1 Sanctuary Transformation & New Lobby, Gymnasium Audio, Video, & Lighting Upgrades, South Bathroom Renovation, South Entry Doors & Canopy, and Existing Loan Payoff. No additional parking is included.
  • Scenario #3. Medium Generosity Consultant Estimate of $1.5 Million Includes: Phase 1 Transformed Sanctuary & New Lobby with Gymnasium Audio, Video, & Lighting only. ​This does not include additional parking, south bathroom renovation, south entry doors & canopy, or existing loan payoff.
  • Scenario #4. Low Generosity Consultant Estimate of $1.2 Million Includes: Phase 1 Sanctuary Renovation (without moving walls) with Gymnasium Audio, Video, & Lighting. ​This does not include additional sanctuary seating, glass wall, additional lobby space, additional parking, south bathroom renovation, south entry doors & canopy, or existing loan payoff.
If more is pledged than the amount needed for Phase 1, will we move ahead and begin some construction projects intended for Phase 2? If so, what are they?

The building committee gathered information so that Phase 2 could be broken down into bite size chunks. Here is a sample if we raise more than needed for Phase 1.

  • $32k funds north parking lot improvements.
  • $180k remodels the alcove and brings the High School ministry into the building and out of the bridge.
  • $775k transforms fellowship hall into new children’s education and replace boilers.
  • $167k remodel under the gym class rooms to accommodate adult education.
  • $79k remodel current children’s/infant area for traffic flow and to take advantage of the fellowship hall transformation.
Will we pay off the current debt before we begin construction or at some later date?

The current mortgage will be paid off at the end of Phase 1. During the construction, the capital fund will rise and fall. We know that pledge fulfillment (collections) will not keep up. Remember, this is a 3 year pledge and a 6 month project. Therefore, some kind of bridge financing will be required. Since the mortgage is at a low interest rate, it is more prudent to pay it off last rather than pay it off first and turn around and increase the bridge financing need.

When will construction start? What happens first?

Final details will follow the results of the pledge drive, however, the most likely timing is during the November to March time of the year. Fewer commercial construction projects happen at this time and so there is less competition for construction contractor resources.

When will we vote next and for what?

This could be as early as the April 26 Annual Meeting. Things we need to vote on and approve are the cost of architectural fees, authority to begin construction, the schedule/timing for that construction, the extent of the construction, and the timing of paying off debt.

Project Development Teams

In September 2019, the GracePoint congregation authorized a $25k expenditure for a Building Committee to develop architectural plans and drawings based on the Master Plan. These plans and drawings enabled them to determine specific costs for various phases of the building project. Additionally, the team identified Langer Construction as the construction company to work with when construction begins, and Excel AV Group as the company to work with for our audio, video, lighting and sound system needs.

Building Committee Members: Chris Doehrmann (chair), Al Westfall, Dawn Glesener, Tom Osgood, and Catherine Weldon.

In September 2019, the GracePoint congregation authorized a $45k expenditure for the Generosity Committee to hire Injoy Stewardship Solutions as a consultant to assist us with uniting the congregation by casting a vision and raising funds for the building campaign.

The committee identified our common values as 1) Bible teaching and quality worship, 2) investing in our children and youth programs, 3) prioritizing hospitality, and 4) reaching out with various mission projects. These values align perfectly with the building Master Plan of 1) transforming our sanctuary, 2) providing safe and adequate educational spaces, and 3) renovating our south entrance to attract and welcome guests and members alike for maximum Sunday impact.

The goals of the campaign are to 1) eliminate debt, 2) maximize Sunday impact, 3) reach the next generation for Christ, 4) maintain a strong evangelical presence, and 5) present the excellencies of Christ.

Campaign Committee Members: Jack Hoehl, John Wentz (campaign directors), Anne Miller (administrative support), Bruce and Cindy Ramm (spiritual journey), Pastor Steve Young (targeted communications), Chrsitine Hicks and Vertiy Mick (large event coordinators), Judy Wise Yantos and Haley Thannum (media), Dan Seim and Rick Berggren (legacy and key donor contacts), Christian Brands (youth contact), Marie Reynolds (children's contact), and Dave Nelson (follow through).

In the fall of 2017, the GracePoint congregation voted to begin a facility project and a Facility Vision Team was formed. The funding for this team to begin working with Station 19 on a building proposal was funded by the Salem Baptist Foundation in January 2018. Station 19 is an architectural firm that works with churches to help them with creating effective building design solutions achieved through a dedication to faith, trust, and visioning.

The Facility Vision Team worked with Station 19 for a little over a year, getting congregational feedback and providing periodic updates, until a facility Master Plan was presented to the congregation in the spring of 2019.

Facility Vision Team Members: Tom Trainor (Chair), Dan Ossmann (Moderator), Rick Berggren (Vision Deacon), Gordon Lindquist, Verity Mick, Dawn Glesener, Chris Doehrmann (Vice-Moderator), Lorien Stewart, John Hendrickson (Foundation), Pastor Jared Carlson (Senior Pastor)

The congregation voted and approved the Master Plan in April 2019.

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