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PointMen of GracePoint provides opportunities for men to gather for study, prayer, open  discussion, fun, and service projects. Our ultimate goal aligns with that of GracePoint Church,

"To present everyone complete in Christ Jesus"


TRIADS! - Men Grow When They CONNECT

TRIADS challenge men to come together with other PointMen.  Instead of 6-8 week groups or studies, we're challenging guys to come together in groups of 3. Why is it challenging? While your group may study a book or scripture together, the real content is YOU!
• How are you connecting with God?
• How did He show himself to you this week?
• Did He call you to anything this week? 
• Where were you tempted to shrink back, ignore or run away from God this week? 

We need to wrestle these kinds of questions with each other. Men grow when they do it together.  Research shows over and over again that men grow when they have meaningful connections with other men.  We're not trying to manufacture this, but we are creating the possibility for it by inviting you to participate with a Triad.

Who can I talk to if I have questions? 

PointMen Team Leader, Ted Jacobson ( ; 651-260-2447)
Pastor Steve Young ( ; 651-478-7644)

Choose your Triad:

This will be a bit of a partnership between you and the PointMen leaders.  If there are specific people you know you’d like to invite into your triad, we’ll invite you to contact them. We are also identifying men who may be interested in a Triad.  You may want to choose one or two of those men since they are eager to be part of one.

Choose a time to meet:

The nice thing about a Triad is that it is fewer people to try to work out a schedule or to shift days/times if that becomes necessary. Many of the Triads will meet every week…some will meet every other week…and some may try it both ways. Meetings will likely be an hour or more. Try to have a first meeting before the end of September.

Choose a study resource or book:

This may be a resource you’ve done before and want to discuss with others or it might be something brand new to you. We will propose some options for you to consider. The resource can be a book, a study guide, a book of the Bible, etc.  A video series can be used but it would defeat that purpose if the videos are long (more than 15 minutes). Different from a Bible study group, the focus of the Triad is relationships not the study. The study simply helps create some structure for your meeting time and some focus to stimulate discussion and sharing.

Length of commitment:  

We’re leaving this up to you. We’re asking Triads to consider a minimum commitment that goes through late-April.

Can a Triad be more than 3 people?  

Yes!  You’re free to add a 4th person but we’d encourage you to not go with more than 4.

What might a session look like?  

Each Triad may function a little differently and it certainly isn’t intended to be complicated.  You might think of it in three parts:

  1. Initial conversation:  shoot the breeze….personal sharing…follow-up from previous sessions…mutual enjoyment of what is happening in each other’s lives
  2. Discuss what was assigned to read, study, etc.  How does this impact your life?  
  3. Share concerns for prayer & pray together.
Nature of the Triads

Some Triads might be more peer-oriented (similar life stage and experience) and some may be more mentor-oriented (more experienced leader with a few younger or less experienced men).

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