Adult Sunday School Classes

During the school year, adults at GracePoint can choose from a wide variety of Sunday morning classes. Most of these groups have members of a similar age and life stage; however, any adult can attend any community regardless of age. Whether you are new to GracePoint or you've been around for a while and are ready for a new challenge, please feel free to read through the class descriptions below and visit several classes before landing on the one that seems right for you.

Adult Sunday School Classes – 9:45 a.m.

CAYAC  —  Room 206 (Conference Room-2nd floor)

College And Young Adult Community

Class Leaders:  Pastor Jared Carlson & Gracie Olson

A gathering of college-age young adults. Discussion will be centered on a book of the Bible or a relevant topic.  We will occasionally be hosting students for a free lunch at Noon (following our second service). 

32-Below — Fellowship Hall (Room 110) 

Primary attendees:  Age 22-32 (approx.)

Class Leader: Andrew & Rachel Mellick

This is one of our newer classes for young adults who have graduated from college up through early 30s...single or married or married. There will be a significant emphasis on both study/discussion and building friendships. Some outside social activities will be planned as well.

Pulse  —  Fellowship Hall (Room 109/111)

Primary attendees: 30s and 40s (all adults welcome!)

Class Leaders: Ryan Mick & John Wentz

This group enjoys focusing on a book of the Bible, the current sermon series or a specific topic that is relevant for today.  Class members sit around tables for the purpose of getting acquainted and having great discussion.

Achievers  —  Room 208 (Gym Alcove - west end)

Primary attendees:  Senior Adults

Fall Teacher: Dr. Randy Nelson, Professor and Department Chair of Biblical and Theological Studies, University of Northwestern

This is our vibrant senior adults class (adults of any age welcome!); life-long learners who study the Bible, theology and special topics.  A variety of regular and guest presenters are utilized for this class.  Dr. Randy Nelson, GracePoint attender and Bible professor at Northwestern will teach this fall.

Journey — Room 210 (Gym Alcove - east end) 

Primary attendees:  Multi-generational (all adults welcome!)

Class Leader: Ted Jacobson

The Journey Class typically does a direct study of a book of the Bible or portion of Scripture.  Great discussion and application of scripture to our lives is an important goal in this class.  

Substance  —  Room 132-133 (east end of first floor)

Primary attendees: Multi-generational (all adults welcome!)

Class Leaders: Ron Carey & Randy Johnson

This class is primarily a video-based study and discussion dealing with a variety of contemporary discipleship topics and life issues.  A number of class activities are offered throughout the year and concerns for prayer are shared.