October 31
5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

... a fun, safe place to bring your family on Halloween.

* Wear your favorite costume.

* Go from car to car to gather some treats.

* Play a few games.

* Drink some hot apple cider.

* Gather around the bon fire.

GracePoint’s parking lot will have trunks of cars decorated in a variety of fun themes;
complete with games and treats! From babies on up to grandpas and grandmas,
there is fun for everyone.

The whole community is welcome. Join us.

If you attend GracePoint Church, and want to bring a car,

Click to sign up.

- Choose a fun theme, get in costume, and have fun!
- Plan to set up your car between 4:30 5:15 p.m. to be ready for our guests by 5:30.
- You will need at least one person to be at the trunk to hand out candy, giveaways, or lead a game. Be creative!

DONATE CANDY! If you can't bring a car and still want to help.

Just drop the candy in the donation box near the Event Center.