Our Staff

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The church staff and it’s leadership serve the GracePoint church body by working alongside the congregation in the various ministries of the church: Our pastors and lay leaders provide spiritual leadership and teaching to equip the church, and deacons serve those leading and working in our ministries.

GracePoint Church Council List

Church Council
The church council implements and coordinates GracePoint's many programs and develops long range plans. Please contact the church office with any questions regarding each deacon's area of responsibility.

Church Council Leadership

Moderator Phil Hansen
Vice Moderator Dan Ossmann
Clerk Cindy Ramm
Clerk Elect Carol Hendrickson
Finance Deacon Steve Nienaber
Hospitality Deacon Rachel Mellick
Missions Deacon Nils Friberg
Missions Deacon Elect Sherri Naylor
Property Management Deacon Chris Blount
Vision Deacon Al Manning
Vision Deacon Elect Rick Berggren
Senior Pastor Jared Carlson

Nominating Committee:  Andrew Schock (Chair), Brad Byron, Pat Comfort, Colleen Downham, Dan Jankowski, Merri Johnson, Liz Johnston, Rick Naylor, Shirlee Vennerstrom.