Sunday Morning Adult Classes - LECs

During the school year, adults at GracePoint can choose from a wide variety of Sunday morning classes - also known as Life Enrichment Communities (LECs). Most of these groups have members of a similar age and life stage; however, any adult can attend any community regardless of age. Read through the descriptions, feel free to visit, and pick one that is right for you.

During the summer months, we have one adult class that meets in the Fellowship Hall.

Sunday 9:45 A.M. LEC Classes

Achievers  —  Room 208-210 (Gym Alcove)
Age: 55+
Contacts: Doug Galinski & Rich Jansma
This is our vibrant senior adults class (adults of any age welcome!). Life-long learners who study the Bible, theology and special topics. A variety of regular and guest presenters are utilized for this class.

CAYAC  —  Room 110 (Fellowship Hall)
Age: College and Young Adult Community
Contacts: Christian Brands
A gathering of college-age and post-college young adults. Discussion will be centered on a book of the Bible, the current sermon series, or a relevant topic.

Journey — Room 109 (Fellowship Hall)
Age: Multi-generational
Contacts: Chris & Julie Doehrmann
The Journey is a direct study of the Bible based on the current sermon series. This multi-generational group encourages lots of good discussion.

LifeBuilders  —  Room 131
Age: mid-40s to 60s, but all ages welcome
Contact: Ian Johnston
Each LifeBuilder session includes a time of fellowship, prayer and study. This group engages in a study of varioius topics from a Biblical perspective. A variety of presenters are used to teach and lead discussion.

Pulse  —  Room 111 (Fellowship Hall)
Age: 30s and early 40s
Contacts: Ryan Mick, Tim Miller, Andrew Schock, and John Wentz
This group enjoys discussion on a book of the Bible, the current sermon series, or specific topics that are relevant to their stage of life.

Substance  —  Room 132-133
Age: Multi-generational
Contact: Ron Carey & Randy Johnson
This class is primarily a video-based study and discussion dealing with a variety of contemporary discipleship topics and life issues.